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Management Consulting

Corporate Policies


 What are the guiding principles of your company. Does your company have adequate policies in place that governs and provide guidance for key business functions. We offer simple and practical policies for key business functions at an affordable price.

Procedures for key Processes


Are procedures properly documented that provides adequate instructions and steps to carry out key company activities. We are here to help. We can provide standard or customize procedures at an affordable pricing that suits our client needs.

Internal Controls Program


Does your company document controls over segregation of duties, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Effective and efficient  controls to reduce and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse. We can provide your company with the controls your company needs to have in place for your key functions at an affordable pricing structure.

Business Tools and Templates


Are appropriate checklists developed to ensure business process is standardized, complete and accurate. We can provide simple and effective checklists to ensure all key procedures are completed for key business processes.

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